To receive Child Care Benefit parents must provide proof of their child’s immunisation status.

Proof of immunisation (Blue Book or equivalent) is required by the Centre upon enrolment (or as your child is immunised).

All children who attend the Centre should be immunised to ensure their own health as well as those of other children.

Unimmunised Children

Parents will be notified when there is a current outbreak of an infectious disease at the Centre. It is strongly recommended that if a child is not immunised against the illness that the child be kept home for the protection of other children attending the Centre and his/her own protection.

Sick Children / Communicable Diseases

The Centre cannot provide care for sick children.

If you suspect your child of having an illness or infectious condition you are required to keep your child at home. This will protect the other children and the staff from unnecessary exposure to illness.

Excluding sick children is an important way of preventing the introduction or re-introduction of infection into the Centre.

Parents will be contacted if a child is observed by staff to be unable to continue with their program of activities due to illness. If parents are unable to be contacted the ’emergency contact’ person, designated by parents on the enrolment from will be asked to collect the child.

If your child is sent home from the Centre unwell he / she should not return to the Centre until they have fully recovered, or are no longer infectious to the other children and staff.

It is always advisable when using a child care centre to have a “support” person to care for your child when they are too ill to attend ‘group care’.

The exclusion periods for communicable diseases and Yarm Gwanga’s health and hygiene policies are based upon the policy document ‘Staying Healthy in Childcare’ published by the National Health and Medical Research Council.


The first dose of any medication will not be given by the centre staff to any child. It is advisable that your child remain away from the centre 24 hours following commencement of medication.

Antibiotics – When your child is sick and prescribed antibiotics it is advisable for them to be kept in a quiet environment like home, for a day or two until they are feeling able to cope with the busy child care centre. Please phone the Director to discuss your child’s individual care if you are unsure whether they should return to the Centre.

Administering Medication – It is a legal requirement under The Centre Based and Mobile Child Care Service Regulation (No. 2) 1996 that parents record instructions for staff in relation to administering medication to a child in care. There is a folder located in each room for parents to record instructions for their child’s medication (please ask staff if you cannot locate it).

Each time a child requires medication parents MUST record the following information:

  1. the name of the medication
  2. the date, time and dosage to be administered
  3. the parent’s signature giving permission to staff to administer the medication.

Each time staff give medication the following information must be recorded:

  1. the signature of the staff person administering medication
  2. the signature of the staff person who checked the dosage.

Always verbally notify staff that your child requires medication and remember NEVER LEAVE MEDICATION IN YOUR CHILD’S BAG. As well, always enter this information in the Communication Diary as a back up to the verbal notification.

Prescribed medication will only be given to a child if the prescribed medication is in its original package with the child’s name, current date and dose/times to be given.  Over the counter medication also needs to be in its original packaging and staff will adhere to all written instructions on packaging unless it is accompanied by medical advice.


If your child has the misfortune to have an accident while at the centre our procedure is to apply First Aid treatment (all staff have Senior First Aid Certificates); phone the Ambulance if serious and then phone parents. If parents cannot get to the centre to go with the child to Hospital a member of staff will accompany the child and wait with the child for parents to arrive.  If your child has had a minor accident we will still phone you to inform you of your child’s condition, so you do not get a fright when collecting a child with for example a bump on the head. An accident report is written by staff on all accidents or incidents that occur at the centre.  This report will specify what happened, the first aid treatment given, and will be signed by the witnessing staff member, director and parent.

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